Bringing Lil Fella to Life


Look at him. Look!

Not unlike Liam Neeson, we have a very special set of skills. Unfortunately for anyone that needs help retrieving their family members, our skills lean heavily towards creating captivating images. A mix of 3D and illustration, we saved exactly zero lives birthing this little tree-freak into the world but we sure had fun doing it. Here is a quick glimpse into how we brought him to life.


As with everything in life, it started with beverages and some light iPad doodling in Procreate. Inspired by tricky canopy-creeping critters, we wanted to see what our version of a (maybe) friendly life form might look like.


Plummeting into 3 dimensions, our fuzzy friend slipped into something more comfortable—a soft knitted skin and teeth so clean Outkast wrote a song about them.


Then came the background. Taking cues from the existing lighting we illustrated a backdrop that feels vibrant and colorful, giving the Lil Fella a home that is more than just transparent pixels. Finally, adding in some glowing fireflies—this dude was ready to shine.


And shine he did, until we found ourselves wondering, “What if Lil Fella had some secrets?” What if when the sun went down we might get a deeper glimpse into our new friend’s identity? We sketched some ideas and jumped back into render mode.


We were right. That damned rascal was hiding something. No guts… Not a single organ in that socky sonnovagun…


While we fancy ourselves creative grease men, we don’t work alone. A few tools of the trade:

Geoff Tice