Smash & Grab is a Colorado-based creative studio.

Imaginative curiosities and slick, whip-smart frivolities aimed at grabbing the attention of modern folk — that’s our thing.

Simply put, Smash & Grab specializes in exceptionally well-crafted creative aimed at elevating brands.


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We don’t put our pencils down until you’re smiling, laughing, or sharing what we’ve made. It’s true, we’ve got a flair for the lighthearted, the silly, the outrageous, but make no mistake — we’re dead serious about our work.



Arroyo Seco Weekend


Festival giant Goldenvoice’s fledgling event Arroyo Seco Weekend hadn’t yet seen the light of day when we were asked to assist in putting the event on the map. We worked with creative studio Mondo Robot to establish an identity for the festival that captures the essence of a picture-perfect summer day in Pasadena.

Goldenvoice | Mondo Robot




Riffing on the contemporary visual language of Mondo Robot’s 2019 Coachella website, we spent a few blissful days exploring ways to make this titanic festival identity really sing. A fresh illustration style, a series of supplemental 3D art directions and a trio of animated social posts were a few of our contributions.

Goldenvoice | Mondo Robot


Mollusk Mayhem


We were somewhat taken aback by how frequently brands do not specifically request us to visualize the birth of evil by the marriage of two skulls engaged in a staring contest and a wad of explosive goo. Not ones to be hindered by a general lack of interest, we decided to go ahead and realize our nightmares. Please enjoy.





We’ve got a deep appreciation for frame-by-frame animation. It’s a meticulous labor of love. Every now and again we take a moment to appreciate how far we’ve come by revisiting where we’ve been.


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